CNC Checkout Session Tuesday, June 28

I want to offer a CNC checkout this week on Tuesday at 7:00pm. I just noticed the request for this weekend, and I’m sorry I missed that. We have a new member who’s interested, but weekends don’t work, so I want to offer something that will work for more people.

We’ll make the usual plywood stool, starting with the basics of V-Carve and then we’ll go cut it out on the machine.

As usual, it’s open to anyone, first-timer or repeat, with any membership level. We’ll unlock the door for you. No approval is needed to attend; just reply here so I know how many are coming.

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I will be there! Thanks Carl!


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I am very interested and trying to set myself up to leave work in time to be there to participate :grin:

I will attend vic reynaud


@Andy_Ball @Vic_Reynaud @Daniel_Seggebruch
David, I’m sorry I don’t know your handle :confused:

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