CNC Checkout Request_

Hi All,

Im interested in learning how to use the CNC machine, would there be availability to do a checkout?

Thank you,


I would be interested as well.

I’m also interested!

Im free any day after the 4th!

@Evelyn are you available sometime next week? I’m still interested in becoming a checkout trainer :grimacing:

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Thank you for tagging me! I can do during work hours pretty easily all next week, but my evenings are pretty full
If daytimes don’t work, I can do a Saturday lesson.
I know @krauser1 wants to learn the CNC also

I can come in anytime after the 4th, whatever works for you.

I would also be interested

How does Saturday the 7th sound, 10 am?

That works for me! :man_surfing:

Is this set for tomorrow? I thought I had posted earlier but am not seeing it. That time also works for me

I’m going to be there at 10am today! :slight_smile:

Im on my way! Be there soon