Closing the Digital Gap Open house Oct 28th

We’ve been asked if we’d like to participate in CTDG’s Oct 28th open house. Is anyone able to put something together for this? Email from them is copied below, if you’re interested let me know and I’ll forward you contact info for them.

FYI - Closing The Digital Gap (CTDG) would love to invite the Makers Network team to an event we are hosting in the lower level rooms and auditorium at the Capitol Area District Library (CADL) 401 Capitol, Lansing, MI, on Saturday, Oct. 28th in celebration of 15 years as a non profit. We at CTDG are asking that you participate at least 2 hours maximum 4 hours on that date with demonstrations on what Electronic/STEM programs you have at our 15th anniversary celebration. You are welcome to bring brochures and business cards, along with demo 3D printing, computer take a part course, and run a mini intro course. This is a family friendly celebration and we want your organization to participate. My daughter and her friend have come to your demo at the MSU science fair program a while ago and was very impressed with the intro’s you provided and the displays you had.

Please let us know as soon as possible whether you can attend or not and what you need table and chair wise for you to participate. There will be cake and hour-devours served for general public with an award ceremony of our past students, supports, and staff. NOTE: sandwiches and chips will be provided to participant invited companies with beverages too for you and your staff, but not the general public.

We would love to have you help us celebrate our 15th anniversary and showcase what you do that is electronic and/or STEM related. I have attached a brochure of what we do.


Angela Pruitt