Checkout Needed: Wood Lathe

Hey. Is there anyone around this week who could check me out on the wood lathe and maybe give some pointers for it. I’m thinking I’d like to experiment with making bowls on it.

I have some experience on lathes and can give you some pointers for turning. I have not turned any bowls and I’m not sure we have the proper tools depending on what you have I mind. I will be spending some time in the shop this week working with Carl on the Mortising Machine. Please let me know when you have some time, probably an hour or so.

Thanks, @mgrossbauer. I’m free most afternoons this week. When are you and Carl thinking of being there?

I have a meeting tonight, but will probably be there evenings(around 7pm) starting tomorrow. I can look at lathe tools then to see where we at for turning bowls.

We do have a bowl gouge and a special sharpening system set up on the Rikon grinder for it.
I have a little experience with bowls and would like to share some ideas, too.
It looks like there is a Member Meeting tomorrow night, so I will plan on attending that. Maybe after that would be a good time.

I’ve just been reminded that I already have something scheduled for tonight. Any chance I could meet with you all on Wednesday evening?

I can be available on Wednesday, how early would you like to meet?

I could meet plenty early (I’m free all day), but since you’re coming by around 7, could we meet around 5:00?

I will probably be there earlier in the afternoon, but 5 will work.

OK. If I can get there earlier, I will, but otherwise I’ll plan on being there at 5.