Checkout for tablesaw (possibly router as well)


I know Saturday’s an event day, so no worries if the time frame isn’t amendable. However, I am looking to get checked out on the Table saw, and possibly the routing table, this upcoming weekend.

I usually arrive Saturdays and/or Sundays, though its a week-by-week basis with me.

I can get you checked out on the table saw thursday. Unfortunately I am not able to do the checkout for the router

Love to, however these weekdays aren’t available for me :frowning:

If Sunday works for you @jacob, I made a post about a checkout session.

Id like to be checked out on the table saw on Thursday if that offer still stands.

Absolutely! I will be available from 5:30 to close

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Excellent. I will be in attendance at that time.

Oh wow. I totally got my days mixed up and thought the checkout was Friday! This was all my fault. I’m sorry if I wasted your time. I totally double booked myself.

No worries stuff happens, I get it.

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