Checkout for bandsaw

I would love a checkout on the bandsaw in the wood shop. I’ve done the general woodshop checkout but we didn’t get to the bandsaw. My schedule is very flexible Thurs-Sunday. Thanks!

Daniel you beat me to first post. I too did general woodshop checkout but still need bansaw and drillpress. I am also flexible for Friday-Sunday with notice.

I would also join a drill press checkout!

Another for bandsaw checkout

If possible, I’d like to sit in so I can potentially host these checkouts in the future

I could do a checkout for the bandsaw Sunday morning at 9a.m.

Sunday at 9 works for me!

Id like to be checked out as well but won’t be in town on the weekend. If yinz do it again on a week day Id like to attend.

FYI I’ll be out of town this weekend so I won’t be able to make this check out. I’ll have to catch the next go round. Be safe and have fun.

Hey Charlie, sorry I missed this! My morning got pretty mixed up. Hopefully you weren’t waiting around for just me…