Check out request woodshop

Is anyone available to checkout on the woodshop? I’m available Friday and Sunday Thanks!

Which tools are you most interested in?

Table saw, chop saw, plainer, jigsaw

I would also like checkouts on these

I’d like checkouts on these too

Tagging @RealCarlRaymond @cafwood for visibility.

I can get you going on the SawStop at least. 6PM Friday? Tomorrow? @AdamDiet

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I will be out of town, does Sunday work?

Ah, I will actually be out of town that day. What days work next week?

Does 4/8 or 4/10 work?

Yep- I can stop by on those days. What time?

What ever works best for you! Just let me know and I’ll make it work.

So Monday 4/10 at 6PM?

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Yes that sounds good.

We must of missed each other today. Can we reschedule?

Hello, is it okay for me to place a request here as well for a woodshop check out (or should I start a brand new thread)? I would like to learn more about the wood lathe and power saw tools. I am available any time on Saturday or Sunday this weekend (April 15-16). Is anyone available to work with me then? Thank you! – Betsie

Shoot, I try to check the talk-site frequently but indeed I didn’t see that you replied! I’m going to start a new thread- I’ll tag you and Betsie.

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