Call for favorite local businesses for supplies

I was chatting with @Danielle and she had a great idea of posting everyone’s favorite local shops for supplies in the kitchen. As she’s working on a project currently I thought I would pop onto the talk site and post this before either of us forgot.
Feel free to reply to this with your favorite local spots for supplies, I can create something to post them on in the kitchen once I get some responses.

Mike Romm | Manager

Alro Metals Outlet
4832 W. Saginaw Hwy. | Lansing, MI 48917

Office : 517-321-3773

Email :

Metal, Plastic and Industrial Supplies
Stop in or email Mike if you know what you want.
Use the website to look at products and services.

Also will give a discount to LMN members also has LMN tax exempt account setup.

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Johnson’s Workbench
563 N Cochran Ave
Charlotte MI 48813

Great place to buy hardwood lumber and woodworking supplies. Also, the staff is very knowledgeable.


Seams in East Lansing (where I work) has quality fabric and patterns (ones outside the big manufacturers) and embroidery kits that include local businesses.

Woven Art (which is right next to Seams) has all sorts of yarn fleece and other tools for knitting/crocheting, spinning, and weaving

Odd Nodd art supply is a local business as well, they have a gorgeous store in old town and have their stock online as well