Board meeting Wed 2/27/19 POSTPONED


In our quest to offer more classes, we inadvertently created a conflict over our board meeting this week. @michael will be working to reschedule ASAP.

As mentioned this and next Wednesdays along with Mondays are occupied with classes. As several board members are participating in the classes we are re-scheduling the February Board meeting. That said we need to also avoid Open Hours on Thursday, Friday, etc… narrowing our options.

So we could meet the day after Thursday February 28th but not at LMN, rather we could meet either at my Office’s conference room or some other tavern with a quiet room. Otherwise we can meet next weeks Tuesday March 5th. Either time I recommend the same time of 7pm.

I would recommend “Get’R done” my office 7pm Feb 28th. But I am flexible. Are their any hard “NO’s” ?

This thurs Matt has a conflict so I need to cover the desk for open hours. Next Tuesday is the CAMC annual dinner that I should probably attend for LMN. Next Thursday is Open Forge which it’s probably a good thing for Cliff to be at to help build community in that area.

Tues Mar 12? Off site ?

Good problems to have with a schedule this full I suppose, but it’s certainly trickier than it has been.

Thinking toward the future (not nesecarily for this meeting) ihow impossible is it for everyone to consider a over lunch 1.5 hour meeting time. We’d have to be on the ball.

Maybe we should discuss monthly online meetings with a quarterly in person slightly longer meeting ?

I can tentatively agree with March 5th. I need to confirm with my social coordinator.