Blacksmith check out

Hello, I just joined and would like to complete a blacksmith area checkout. I know the space is closed Friday and Saturday, I’d be available Wednesday or Thursday (not sure if checkouts can happen outside of open hours for members who aren’t all access) or Sunday, would that work for anyone?

I would like to get in on this if possible. Thanks.

I would also like to participate

Hi I would like to get in on this too!


Hello everyone! I can run a check out for blacksmithing on Sunday if everyone is available. I would prefer somewhere around 1pm but I am flexible. Let me know if that works for you!

Cool ! I will be there at 1.

1pm on Sunday works for me as well, thanks.
(@Alex I’m assuming I should mark this as solved on Sunday, but if not let me know and I’ll mark it as solved now)

i would also assume it gets marked solved after the actual checkout.

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