Big fundraiser approved, let's talk about it Monday!

Just this morning the Patronicity fundraiser we’ve been working so hard on was approved! :tada:

This is an epic fundraiser that will help us expand into the 2730 Alpha Access space, which we’re optimistic about signing a lease soon. We’ll attempt to raise $50,000 and if we meet that goal, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) will provide an additional $50,000.

So at Monday’s town hall, let’s talk about when to launch the fundraiser and how to get it off to a really strong start!

Zoom Details

Topic: LMN Town Hall on Zoom
Time: July 5, 2021, at 7:00 pm Eastern

Meeting ID: 945 1613 5818
Passcode: LMN

Hi everyone, just a reminder that we have a town hall tonight at 7 pm. I think we’ll be talking about when and how to start the big fundraiser to help us expand!

We covered a lot last night! Here’s my attempt to summarize:

Current Space

  • We’ll stick with opening on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during open hours
  • The full hours and policies are at

New Space News

  • :star_struck: We’ve signed the lease and take possession on Monday, July 12!
  • The week of the 12th will be spent cleaning, clearing, sprucing, and planning for the move
  • We don’t have a specific move date right now
  • More details will be shared in a separate post after we start prepping for the move
  • Volunteers, please think about organizing the current space to make the move easier
  • If you have items in the current space, please take them home before the move
  • We do not need boxes for moving

Fundraiser News

  • :money_mouth_face: We are planning to launch the fundraiser on Monday, July 12!
  • We’ll continue reaching out to individuals and businesses this week
  • Jimmy and Danielle are planning to make some print materials to promote the fundraiser
  • Donating and sharing the fundraiser page (once it starts obvi) are the best ways to help!

Awesome! Great news about the new building and upcoming fundraiser! Has there been any talk of when full access memberships will be available again?

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Hi @Banksyde, I think the issue for full access is in the software and I believe it has something to do with the key access being linked with billing. Brian is trying to figure out how to re-enable access on a per-member basis, and hopefully that will be figured out soon.

I will definitely post about it once we figure it out. Thanks for checking in about it! :grin: