Area capabilities wishlist ideas?

We had an conversation in last night’s area managers meeting about what would each area ask for for “Christmas” if that were an option.

I’m curious to hear from the rest of the community as well. In each area (or as many as you’d like to comment on), what machine/tool/process would you:

A) Love to have at your disposal (ie, “I never though I’d be able to use one of these”)

B) Would enhance the area in terms of your needs, community needs or the like.

Forgot to mention @MakerspaceStaff feel free to chime in with your thoughts (either from the meeting or otherwise).

For the digital fab area, I would love to have a rotary axis available for the laser cutter. I’ve needed one quite a few times over the last year, and the two that are in the space leave a lot to be desired.

For the woodshop area, it would be nice to have a more precision CNC machine. The big one is great, but if you need to deal with something that is measured in inches or cm and not feet, it’s a bit overkill.

A 2 x 72 in. belt sander for blacksmithing would be a god send. I know I have mentioned it before but the more people that come in wanting to make knives or really anything sharp the more useful it becomes. I also know what they cost and it might be a bit much for a chistmas gift but it really is something that would benefit all our blacksmiths.

Here’s a wish list (not necessarily in order of preference):
more space
welding equip.
clamps-pipe, bar, “c”
another laser cutter
grinding wheel dresser
a couple more wood lathes with tools