Anyone try a drag cutter in the cnc?

I’m thinking about a few cardboard projects that’re larger than the laser table

I was going to make one a while back and got side tracked by other projects. I’ll see if I can dig back up what research I had done.

Ahhh must crease too. So cool.

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I bought this years ago when I built my CNC. I never used it it and I didn’t know how it works but if you want to play with it I can bring it in next week.Mostly Printed CNC, Sticker Edition, MPCNC - YouTube

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@brian.adams, that’s so cool!
@CBennett, yes please :slight_smile:

You got it. I think I have some extra blades somewhere also. I will bring it in next time I’m there and put it in with the other CNC bits.

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