Airbrush request

Does anyone have an airbrush I could barrow or use at the space for a few days?
Do we have one tucked away somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

I may have one here that is technically functioning. I definitely have multiple back home in Detroit. When do you need it?

There’s a small one in the craft room, I haven’t seen a compressor for it though. It has a very very fine tip so won’t work if you’re painting something large, but is great for details.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll look into sourcing a compressor if I need to.

I was looking for one within the next couple weeks. I just want to refamiliarize myself with one and get a bit of practice in.

Awesome! Thank you :slight_smile: that will be a huge help.

Sure thing. I can have a couple choice models and variations for you to play with.

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Next week I should have them all here and you can have at it.

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