Address numbers need added to building

Our building address is nowhere to be found! We need to add the numbers “2370” to the front of our building so that newcomers don’t have to drive up and down Alpha Access anymore. There are a couple avenues we can use to accomplish this:

  • Someone uses our vinyl cutter to make the numbers
  • Someone purchases the numbers from a hardware store

Either will do! Please comment here if you plan to take on the task or if you’ve completed it! Thanks!

Edit: This was complete by Kaliene. Marking resolved!

Does it have to be on the building? Or could it be a stand alone sign by the drive to be better visible?

I ordered some numbers as a temporary measure until we can figure out what we want to do with vinyl designs in the front windows.

Sign in the drive would be nice but would likely require a sign permit from the city. It’s something we should think about but I think jimmy’s looking for a more immediate type of solution.

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I actually have some experience permitting signs. Once we move on to a solution that includes something out by the drive I would be happy to help get permitting done.

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