Volunteer Tasks
About the Volunteering category [Volunteering] (1)
Make a new paper towel shelf for the kitchenette cabinet [Volunteer Tasks] (1)
Virtual Tour page on the website needs some love [Volunteer Tasks] (7)
Need new "Volunteer at LMN" rack card [Volunteer Tasks] (11)
We need to put together a "Go box" for taking to events [Volunteer Tasks] (4)
Install RO water spigot [Volunteer Tasks] (7)
Kitchenette needs organizing / labeling [Volunteer Tasks] (1)
Welding area outfitting [Volunteer Tasks] (9)
Vinyl cutter SOP needs creating [Volunteer Tasks] (3)
Opportunity for a table at Democamp this Wednesday [Volunteering] (9)
Kitchenette soap dispenser mounting [Volunteer Tasks] (4)
Frame and hang the screw art in the "Lobby" [Volunteer Tasks] (2)
Need new "Check out the makerspace" flyers [Volunteer Tasks] (1)
We need to craiglist / ebay / peddle or otherwise dispose of the embroidery machines [Volunteer Tasks] (3)
Need a tape measure storage location / method [Volunteer Tasks] (3)
Build a glue bottle, mineral oil, marking device, etc "tool bin" on the end of the flex table [Volunteer Tasks] (3)
Table pruning in the flex space [Volunteer Tasks] (8)
Reprint laser cutter SOP with Dozuki pages [Volunteer Tasks] (4)
Volunteer Update 1/24/17 [Volunteering] (2)
Last Minute: Bennet Woods Elementary School Science Night 2019 coming [Volunteering] (5)
Need quotes / options for a logoed table skirt for events [Volunteer Tasks] (3)
Second broom and clean-up station needs to be made [Volunteer Tasks] (1)
Looking for Volunteers for Expanded Open Hours [Volunteering] (11)
Volunteer Opportunity! [Volunteering] (3)
HELP: Silver Bells Volunteers Needed [Volunteering] (1)
Silver Bells Activity @ CADL [Volunteering] (1)
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Detroit Maker Faire openings? [Volunteering] (4)
Blacksmithing volunteers for Detroit Makers Fair [Volunteering] (15)
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